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Basic skills to fight poverty

A project targets to help young adult and widows in the local community that has high rate of school drop outs. We want to help these youths have more options with their lives. We work with the local community members and volunteers to pilot and run programs. We provide instructional programs and courses that focus on the skills required for making better life to other as the way to empower other of what we have.

Basic skills to fight poverty

We have helped more than 132 children get education in Tanzania. We are proud to say that we have more than 47 youth who have successful story to tell. We have 13 youth in health sector “Doctors & Nurses”, 25 are in business sector “6 are employed business administrators, 19 are Self-employed in (Tourism, Mechanics, Welding, carpentry, Information Technology and other professions

Healthcare and medical insurance

In 2018 we started a project that will help all the children get access to health care. We started by paying health insurance to all the children in the orphanage and other children who are in a very risk area. Our friends from different counties we do appreciating their helps to build a small dispensary in the village as we plan to own small dispensary in the centre for the fast service when an emergency overlapsed.

Community development

Currently we were living in a small house in area and number of the children kept growing so we bought 19 acres of land and built two story building that can accommodate more children we can. The project infrastructure consists of all the necessary buildings include an office, dormitories, library, class rooms, a dining hall, kitchen and first Aid room for the primary service of disease to the children and all near by the centre.

Our Vision
“Empowering orphans and vulnerable People through the provision of services.”
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Our Centre Administrator Team
Our Staff

It is a perfect situation for volunteers to live safely and comfortably while making many new friends and sharing experience every day. Most of volunteers project in Tanzania are located within 1-10 KM of our home base so you may walk or ride a local bus to your project. In the evening when you return to home base, you can relax, eat dinner, explore local areas or simply share experience with volunteer comrades. Our home base provides a same-gender shared room and shared bathroom with running water and a “western” style toilet. Occasionally, depending on volunteer traffic, available projects or distance to a volunteer’s assigned project, we may also place our volunteers with carefully pre-screened host families. Our host families are socially respected and are experienced with hosting international volunteers.

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Bernardo Meshack
IT Officer
Godfrey Pamphil
Socialist & Projects Expert
Lazaro Edward
Founder / CEO